Thursday, December 24, 2009

The HARD night before Christmas

Twas the spin before Christmas, And all through the set
No one was resting, not even a pet
The plan was writ out in neat text with care
In hopes that big fitness would soon be there
With me all clipped in by my feet
While seconds slipped by at a really slow beat

And why did they slip by so slowly??? Because part of the main set was marked as 3x5 min HARD!!! I'm not kidding. I used some geeky high tech tools to go into the Word doc, and look at the previous versions of the plan. There was a comment about having a bucket just in case, but it got removed for the final version. (Kidding!)

Big chainring, half way down the cog, maintaining high 80's, and 90 for the last. The heart rates ended up at 138, 140, 139, 142, and 144 bpm. I was a little lightheaded at the end of it. Of course just before this set was one leg drill, and guess what? More one leg right after. oof. 90 minutes overall, even though I was on the bike a few minutes longer.

Then 30 minutes core, per the plan. I was feeling stronger today. In the evening we decorated the tree. Here's a photo of some of the ornaments. Maybe later there will more photos of Christmas stuff.

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  1. OK, YOU did NOT know this but moose are my most favorite wild animal. I have a little stuffed moose collection that started when I was a kid, moose ornaments and all that stuff. We would head out west as a kid, I still go with my dad each year. Moose sitings are the best, they're so funny looking.

    Merry Christmas, Keith!


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