Monday, December 7, 2009

Still effing cold

Good thing today was a swim workout. The problem is that when you go from nice cold dry air, into the pool, the water feels like really warm treacle. Did a good warmup, going a bit longer than the plan, just to be sure. In fact it's odd, I was trying to cool down a bit so the water would feel cooler. I swim better in cooler water.

Then into lots and lots of 50 m intervals. I learned something today. It's much harder doing 50 m intervals by yourself, than doing them chasing cute Jenna toes, and trying to avoid being caught by Tish. Especially when the pace clock is essentially invisible, and the second numbers on my waterproof watch are really tiny. But that went really well. Flip turned most of it, and I think I'm getting the hang of it. It's tough watching the surface go by a few inches up, while your lungs are wanting some air. I did some very ungraceful surfacing.

Made up the rest of the hour with medium speed swimming thinking about technique, and working on the turns. Then into the dive tank for another hour, starting with 15 minutes of core, 30 minutes of deep water running, then another 15 minutes of core.

Then out into the still very cold.


  1. me hates cold.
    50x50 on 45 seconds. u game?

  2. Jenna. on 45 seconds??? That will be a short, painful workout for me. how about 50x50 on 1 minute? Anyone else want a piece of that?

  3. I'm in for that action, Jenn, you are so enjoyable, but i think I will stay in keith's lane thanks.
    Good to hear you are getting to your flip turns. i also swam alone this morning and managed flip turns on 100% of my 10x 100 set, now \i am not saying it was altogether pretty, but it got done. Sometimes i think that is just the way some of this training will have to go!
    ok, na what is the deal with this water running? what is it doing for you? i am intrigued. teach me wise one.

  4. Nice work buddy...keep up the great training!!!

  5. Jeezus I had to do a main set of 40x50 on 60 seconds today...just ask me how that went. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I can picture you doing your flip turns. Nice workouts!

    Still cold here too, but not nearly as cold as where you are. :)


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