Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Composition practice started with a bike ride

The apartment we are renting has bicycles for our use. So we did, slowly riding down Marine Parade, heading towards where there are mounds of driftwood on the beach. My thinking was to stroll along, thinking about composition, and try to find some interesting photos. My only rule was no touching. So each photo in this series is just as I found it.

Meet Bluebell!

Linda had a nice ride on a strange bike, till she was overwhelmed by the complexity of the whole left thing as it applied to erratic kids on bikes and there was a minor interruption, but all was well and we continued.

This is the macro view of what I was working with. Driftwood either direction as far as the eye can see.

This one reminded me of a pipeline emerging from the ground.

Some of the driftwood is charred, which I wasn't especially interested in, thinking how interesting can black wood be? As it happens, there can be texture. This sort of reminded me of some of the Moeraki Boulders. Remember, I didn't put those stones there, that's the way I found them.

I wasn't about to put my hand in there to see if anyone was home.

The ocean is right there, but it's surprisingly hard to work into shots.

There's more, stay tuned!


  1. via facebook.
    Katie Christie Keith I love the photos of your wife that you’ve been posting!

    James Prescott I've got a weakness for your photos of natural objects, whether rock or driftwood or other.

    Janice Brown The photos of Linda with the bike are adorable. She looks so relaxed and happy. And why not? Looks like a wonderful place to ride.

  2. Keith these are awesome. You still in Napier? We have to seriously chat when you get back. My fave photo above is the one after the stones - AMAZING!!!! So living vicariously through you right now :0


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