Monday, October 8, 2018

The nerve centre, and more patio news

Here is Linda, hard at it, decorating a little birdhouse Christmas ornament for Lougheed house. This is one place we are so different. I wouldn't have volunteered to do this in the first place. If forced, I'd have decorated as quickly and efficiently as possible, just to check it off my list and hand it back as done. I wouldn't have enjoyed it.

Linda spent hours doing it, and appeared to enjoy every minute. She dug out various decorating supplies she has stashed away. She compared different options against each other. She thought about what would look nice, and what she liked. There may well have been other considerations I know nothing of, being a mere men who is unaware of the finer points of crafting. Or maybe just generally unaware. I've been accused of that.

There is no photo of the decorated ornament, but she is doing another one. I'll try to get a photo of it.

This is a versatile table. I've done some of my macro shots on it, and there is often several camera lenses or other camera equipment on it. It's a place where paperwork gets sorted out. Other projects happen there too. Plus meals, of course, if we aren't eating outside. I just put the patio umbrella away for the winter, so there isn't going to be much of that.

The retirement gig continues to be busy. We get up when we get up, most days, have coffee and breakfast, and then get on with whatever is going on. Next thing we know it's supper time, and soon after, time for bed. In all of September we set the alarm clock once.

I've been starting to dig into the various projects I've got noted on my phone. Sunday alone I checked off two things, both related to business tax paperwork. I think Monday I'll pick one of the major projects and start chewing away on that. As a hint, one needs to keep financial records for 7 years. Just today I saw an envelop that says it contains tax records for 2001, and I'm pretty sure that down in the basement I've got records going back to the 80's. I can see that when the shredder truck came to the community clean up, I missed a bet. Next year for sure.

Linda's project just lately has been planting the peonies she got earlier this year when one of the major greenhouses closed down. The front patio turns out to be their new home. It's a lovely day (Sunday) out there, and she's hard at it. Here's what remains of the dahlias, drying in the sun in prep for winter hibernation.

This is why we said don't shortcut.

But now you can. Here's the patio now. I'm not sure we'll keep the stacked up patio stones as the little retaining wall, but it will do for over the winter. I think adding some more 4x4 in a nice curve will look good. So many more plants to photo in the spring!

It's snowing again. Sigh. I was water running with my buddy Katie this morning, and she was crushed by that news. She'd been hoping for another sunny day to get out on her bike again. The swim was good, considering I was only really using my right arm. All the shovelling has done in my left arm and shoulder for now.

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