Saturday, October 6, 2018

A new curtain wall for the house

The other day I wrote about some of the side effects of a metal roof. Sometimes the sliding isn't quite so abrupt. This slowly developed over several days, Curtis complaining more and more because his view was being blocked. Eventually the inevitable happened.

In the mean time, Linda has unwrapped all the plants and is working in the front patio area to get a bunch of peonies and stuff planted. It's a nice day for it, sunny and about 10 C, even though the first task was to clear the snow.

The big surprise was that a couple of dahlia blossoms were still there, not yet shrivelled up. One of them is a beautiful purple. They've now been uprooted and are drying out in the sun. They will be carefully stored over the winter, and I think the plan is to try starting them inside early spring and transplanting them outside when the weather is nice enough.

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