Friday, June 5, 2015

Stampede is coming!

Today I was reminded that Stampede is coming soon. Three things.

First was from the Vancouver Humane Society importuning CBC not to run coverage of some or all of the animal events. They say that these events are a danger to the animals, that that we humans shouldn't be endangering them for entertainment. The Stampede and almost everyone involved with it say they love their animals, and would never hurt them. When I tell you I cheer whenever a human gets trampled or gored you can probably deduce where I'm coming from.

Second was the wait staff at the bar this evening for a work celebration thing. We survived successfully deployed, I mean some of the team that did much of the project work is leaving over the next month, their task complete. Or something like that, close enough for oil and gas. It's more confusing than whatever I've said here. I've certainly got lots of work left to do. I digress. All the wait staff were dressed like Stampede already.

Third is seeing several people outside of wait staff dressed for Stampede. The guys wearing boots, jeans, and a wrinkled plaid shirt not tucked in. Hats. No ginormous belt buckle thought. The women were wearing boots and hats, and not much in between. Short short shorts, or a short short skirt.

During our celebration there was much discussion of bar food as a warm up to Stampede eating. After all, the food is so dreadful you dare not start in on it cold turkey. The shock might do you in. We ate the bar food anyways, deep fried and all. That's an extra couple of Km of running for me, plus the beer.


After being sidetracked I'm finishing it up. There's a fourth thing.Nice mornings, then the clouds roll in for an afternoon shower, then we have a nice evening.

If I wanted, I could sit in my very office, and actually watch the parade. My colleagues, in order, Andrea, Dahlia, Patricia, and Dan all have much better offices for this, being aligned on 9th ave. Somehow, I've managed to avoid the parade for 30 some years, and I doubt it will drag me in this year. Other activities pull me in though. People watching.


  1. I've never been to Stampede but my sister and her kids work at various venues every year. It sounds kind of crazy. Other family members have flown out to take part and really seemed to enjoy it. I doubt we'll ever make it - not really our cup of tea either - though I do like hats and cowboy boots. :-)

  2. Was your work thing at Cowboy's night club? That would explain the attire...

    1. It was at the National, on 10th ave.


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