Thursday, May 1, 2014

The cat photo backlog

Another week with my head mostly in a complicated pipeline database. It's very tiring.  But what's really been burning at me is the cat photo backlog. I know some of my readers yearn for cat photos. Blogs with cat photos in them seem to get higher readership. So am I pimping out the cats here?

Mostly they get along. They aren't actually asleep here. Celina has her paws in Curtis's throat, and is licking him firmly.

After the licking comes the snoozing. The snores were very loud. They approve of the new furniture.

On the weekend I was graced with Curtis. I'd just finished combing his belly. He likes that.

Here's the front view. Gotta love a camera so small and light you can hold it at arms length and still get a good shot.

Most of the time Curtis is very sensitive about his front paws. Touch them, and he'll draw them back. But I was gently checking his claws and pads. Very impressive, and he kept on snoring throughout.

When I let go of his paw, he just flopped. I wish I could relax and snooze like this.

Today was the day! We had a few more days of spring. Or maybe this is summer. Sometimes in Calgary it's hard to tell. But I guess it's not summer till it stops snowing and it's supposed to snow this weekend. 

Which is one reason I was hoping to get a run done during the week, and Michelle suggested I run home with her, along a route I hadn't done. It's pretty direct, though I have to go a few blocks west to her office to start.

Without even trying we settle into a nice chat chat pace and carry on without one of us having to push or the other waiting. Those splits are pretty consistent considering a few waits for lights, a couple breaks for photos, and one walk break near the end as my legs started complaining.

It was the perfect temperature, maybe not quite 20 C, very light wind, somewhat cloudy but not gloomy. I loved running along looking at streets I've either never been on, or haven't been on in many years. All part of my getting out more often initiative.

We felt so virtuous crossing over Glenmore. So many people in cars stuck in traffic, and us running along enjoying the fresh air. There were a ton of other people out on the path running and biking. I didn't see any skaters though. As is often the case for photos of me, I look a little stuffed, I'm leaning to one side, and I've got a drink in my band. You'll notice the logo from Tri it Multisport.

A few minutes later as we were running past the hospital we asked someone sitting on a bench there to take a photo of us. The ice is a beautiful green colour in the sun.

Not much to speak of for the rest of the week. Wed was a good massage, working on my quads and such. Tight, but they loosened up. Then a very nice yoga session.


  1. Awww - love the cat pictures :) They look so comfy, cozy snoozing on the new furniture! Great run, too - tell me, did you make it home faster than if you had drove? Rush hour traffic, thank goodness I don't have to do that anymore!

    1. Oh no. It takes a little under an hour from the time I leave the office to drive. If I don't have to pick up Linda it's about 35 minutes to get home at that time of day. At best It would take 1.5 to 2 hours to run home. Biking I can beat public transit, and be only a little slower than the car.
      However, there have been several commutes where it would have been faster to run, assuming the streets and paths were in good shape.

  2. Love your shirt! I want one. I ran home after leaving my car at the garage last summer. It felt great to actually use my legs as transportation.

    1. Thanks for commenting! If you look for Shut Up + Run in my blog roll, you'll find Beth. She had these done up a while ago, and this is my go to run shirt. I should have bought 2. Or 3. She might still have some shirts. Plus she's a wicked funny read so it's a win all around.

      I'd love to run or bike more often, but the weather here can be so variable. I've ridden home in snow or hail a few times and it's no fun at all.

  3. Awesome cat photos! What darlings those two are. Ours aren't mortal enemies anymore but the best they do is nose each other from time to time. There's certainly no grooming or cuddling up together to sleep.

    Looks like a terrific run too. I know what you mean about running on streets you haven't been on in awhile. One of my favourite things to do is strike off in a previously unexplored directions on a long run. I used to do it a lot when I lived in Ottawa. It's a little trickier in HRM because streets aren't organized in a grid so it's easy to end up running a lot farther than you intended.

    Anyway, looking forward to doing a few runs together this fall. Have a great weekend!

    1. I did some runs and bike rides like that just around my own part of town. It's amazing how much we don't see when we lock ourselves in a car and drive to a limited set of destinations.

      Running barefoot on the beach. mmmmmm. Can't wait. La Havre bakery!!!!

  4. Love the cat photos. Can't believe there's a cat out there NOT sensitive about paws all the time. Evie keeps trying to touch Donny's paws for whatever strange reason..I keep having to warn her. One day she will get one warning from Donny, and she won't like it.

    That looked like so much fun to run, in nice weather to boot. My LSD pace is the same as yours and Michelle's, I noticed. One of many reasons why it's so enjoyable to run with both of you.


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