Saturday, May 3, 2014

Plan B was writing, but,

Friday morning opened with a very nice swim. They reset the clock just after I started so I don't know exactly how long I was swimming, but it was about 25 minutes. Then another 15 minutes water running. I saw Katie but didn't get a chance to talk to her. At one point we both passed a slow breast stroker. Her on his left, me on his right, then she pulled away from me like always.

Friday my original plan was to start working on the back yard. But spring time in Calgary has a way of changing plans. It was raining hard with the promise of snow so we settled in to watch a movie and  drink wine. Sure enough it was snowing when I went to bed.

It snowed all night and we found this in the morning. I even had to shovel the driveway.

I liked how the snow was sliding off the car, with all sorts of fluff, and little icicles.

This is out in the front yard, almost 7 inches on the lawn.

After the shoveling I tried to enact plan B, writing. There were certain difficulties.

Later there were difficulties in getting ready to run some errands.

Then some real running! It wasn't snowing as I was getting dressed. By the time I was ready to go it was snowing lightly. It was snowing really hard during the run, and now it's stopped. But I didn't mind. It was nice out. Towards the end it was getting tough because I could hardly see anymore. The snow had built up on my sunglasses.

Some of the snow has slid off the roof, but there's more coming down to replace it.

My legs were feeling pretty good, but I wasn't sure how long that would last. I took a tour of the Woodbriars. That's a bunch of little cul-de-sacs not far from home. It was kind of fun running easy and just looking around. 5K 35 minutes, nice and easy, legs feeling pretty good.

It was sort of an odd start. My lunch was still with me more than I expected, and my legs still felt kind of heavy. It took a long time to find a comfortable pace, splashing through puddles, getting my new shoes wet. I loved it.

So, plan C. I think I'll drink wine tonight and watch movies. Maybe I'll be able to write tomorrow. I sure won't be working in the back yard.


  1. It's always good to have a backup plan (or two!). I'm glad you got your run in! The cul de sacs look like toes!

    1. I never thought of them looking like toes. Good thing, otherwise I'd have probably been singing "this little piggy" to myself. You need back up plans here.

  2. I love Selena's expression: "I am here, you don't need to write! Pay attn to me!". Glad you got a run in, wasn't easy with that snow.

    1. You have the expression perfectly nailed. I got it from her a couple times today, and often get it from Curtis. Stay tuned for more cat photos, with activity this time.

  3. Great attitude, Keith. Sheesh, what a spring you guys are having. Here's hoping there's a nice long warm summer and fall waiting in the wings to make an appearance soon.


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