Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Several moons

I was wondering what to blog, looking over the recent selection of unblogged images. You need to know that Celina is 'helping' me, her tail flicking over the keyboard, which is her way of indicating which image numbers to select. 

There were two recent moon photos in the list, and I got to thinking if there were any others that I had not tagged as blogged. I have these keyworded in Lightroom so they're easy to find, if I haven't forgotten to keyword them back when they were edited.

Some of these probably have been blogged along the way and not tagged, or ones really similar to them were blogged. If anyone were to bang on my door to say, "Yes, Keith, you blogged image n below on such and such a date, and therefore have degraded the blog reading experience because of duplication", why then, I'd have to crack open a bottle of wine to share with you as we discussed images and blogging, and probably much else. French Press coffee if not wine. Or herbal tea. Whatever.


2. I used to drive or ride my bike past this all the time, and now that road dead ends. In fact, I'm not even sure if this facility is still there. When they put in the new ring road highway, there was a new utility corridor beside it. I know they've removed some other electrical utility stuff near the ring road.

3. One of my first night shoots when I got the T6i.

4. What's interesting to me, now, about this image is not the moon. It's the diffraction patterns in the sky created by digital processing, sort of centred on the moon. The problem is that I don't know if you'll be able to see them in this version. They are more than clearly visible in the various edits within Lightroom, not so clearly visible but still there in the jpg version. Normally of course, such patterns would render an image unusable, which is why I didn't at the time, and I didn't know how to remove them. Now I could go back and create a nice, if boring, photo of the moon with a black background.



The moon is a tough photographic target, which I suspect is why so many photographers try to capture it, in so many different ways. Between the moon's phases, all the different positions in the sky it can occupy, the various atmospheric conditions, and things to juxtaposition it against, there are a near infinite number of photos that could be taken. Plus the whole 19 year cycle thing. If you have a very specific shot in mind, there might be only a few days out of every 19 years that it works. Bad weather, and you have to wait for the next time. 

Of the Day
Many people see the 'man in the moon' face. Can you see a face, or faces in this?




Film (6x9)

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  1. Hello. So the title of 2 is either "Live Wire" or "Electric Candle". Either way the image makes me smile. This is a nice lunar set, and what I really like are the bottom halves of images 1 and 3, especially 3 which I find quite engaging. Cheers, Sean


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