Saturday, October 26, 2019

Flowery Friday 11

Screwed up again. I got all excited and pounded out a rant for Friday, rather than this already prepared post. However, my Saturday is going to be really busy, and probably won't have time to write a new blog, so you get a one day late Friday blog. If this is the worst thing that happens to you today, you lead a happy fortunate life.

These photos go from mid to late September. The last one, which isn't actually of any flowers, is from Oct 7 and is the end of the series. Hope you enjoyed it!


This is the orange Cana Lily just getting started. We were worried it might not bloom before the frost or snow killed it, but it was a champ! See here for the bloom photos, I couldn't resist at the time. We cut the last blooms just before a hard frost and enjoyed it indoors for another couple weeks.

Technically not a flower blossom, but the light and water on the leaves was so pretty.







This rose had a great year and was going strong when this happened.

After two big snowstorms and lots of cold nights, everything is done.

Lynx of the Day

Deadwood of the Day

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  1. Janice says:
    "That kitty is so darn pretty! And I have to say I admire your attitude when it comes to the garden. It must be so frustrating to have winter arrive when flowers are still blooming. Generally, it's a much more gradual thing here. We awoke to frost this morning but it will be at least weeks and possibly months before we see snow."


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