Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Covers, and the last Lynx

If you've been following the story you know that I've been the photographer for the local community association. It's been fun, getting out to all the different events, and thinking of ways to take interesting photos of what are pretty basic events. I'm not saying I've always succeeded, but there are some photos that I'm really pleased with.

It started with the community newsletter running a cover art contest. I sent one in, and suggested that I'd be happy to take photos for the newsletter. They asked me to show up to the next board meeting to discuss it, and next thing I knew I was on the Board.

The community hall isn't far from home; I could easily spend more time sitting at the two traffic lights than driving. As photographer I get in free, and can often get in on the goodies. However, much of the time I'm working pretty hard trying to get good photos.

I'm seeing some of the same people over and over; the ones that have figured out what a good deal these community events are. Some chat with me, some ignore the camera, and some of the kids are showoffs asking me to take their photo. From a purely personal perspective, all this has been a fabulous way to sharpen my photographic eye and skills. Why not come out to the next event, the craft sale Nov 2nd, and watch me in action while buying lots of stuff?

After the first cover, the editor started looking at my photos for the cover of the newsletter. I don't make the cover every month, but I've done it lots of times. Here's a collage of the covers.

After I took the photo of the cover, Linda gave me the idea for the tree photo (see Scavenger Photo). After that, since the cats were handy and their usual photogenic selves, I couldn't help myself. Yes, I woke them up during the impromptu photo session. Another small sin added to the long litany of complaints that they will lay before the cat judge.

Lynx of the Day
This is the last one. Hope you enjoyed the feature!

Deadwood of the Day

Scavenger Photograph
Tree. (Be creative, she said.)

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