Friday, October 11, 2019

Flowery Friday 9

Another Flowery Friday for you, dated from the end of August to September 2. There are two more such posts queued up.

We're going into the long weekend, for those who keep track of such things. I've got a photo ramble with a buddy and we've got dinner with friends planned.

Plus voting! The advance polls are open, so take a few minutes and vote! Take a friend. Ignore the babble of the leader's debate. Ignore the partisan idiots on your social media that say that Trudeau is actually Fidel Castro's son, or that Scheer is going to be drafted into the US military as soon as he takes office.

Check out your local candidates and pick the one you think is most sensible. If the white male boomer is your choice, so be it, but consider the alternatives.










The first hints of the coming winter. These got a bit nipped by frost.


Lynx of the Day

Deadwood of the Day
From mid April, Fish Creek about half way between bridge 2 and 3. You might not be able to see it in this, but the texture of the wood on the left is like old leather, transitioning into a more woody look on the right.

Here's another view of it.

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