Tuesday, October 1, 2019

September Image of the Month

September was a huge month of photography for me. A trip to Yukon, a super fun family photo shoot, several walks through Fish Creek gave me lots of photos to choose from. As you might expect, some of the Yukon photos are stunners. Lots of them are.

Second Runner up
As you all know, I love colour, and I'm a huge fan of Bridge 2 in Fish Creek, and I love reflections. So it's no surprise this shows up. Pity it snowed big time a couple days later.

First Runner Up
Waiting for the Dawson City ferry. We had zoomed up to the highway overlook just to see how bad the smoke was, and if we'd be above it for aurora shots. It was bad, and we weren't. On the way back I saw the ferry in the calm river, and scrambled out of the van. There was a moment of serenity, marvelling at how such a fast river could be so calm, then it was back in the van and watching the ferry landing dance.

Image of the Month
On our way back down the Dempster Highway we were looking for a place to stop for lunch. We'd stopped at this campground (Engineer Creek) on the way up, and were astonished to find it closed a day later. Closed and locked. We walked around the gate and packed our lunch in to a picnic table. I was wandering around and saw this lovely view, and I even had the right lens on the camera.


  1. Hmmmm. All good shots but there were others from your Yukon trip I liked better.

  2. I'm with Jan - hmmm. Cheers, Sean


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