Saturday, December 1, 2018

November Image of the Month

Here we are again. For whatever reason this has not been a particularly productive month, photographically speaking. I had two major rambles, producing the photos you see below.

Runner up.
On Remembrance Day I was walking in Fish Creek Park, being mindful of the gifts from previous generations that lets this be a possible thing. As soon as I turned the corner in the river and saw this, I loved the scene. My only regret is there isn't a bit more colour in the sky.

Only one runner up this time, as all the other potential photos are from the library shoot, and you can see all of them here. Everyone will have their own favourite, I'm sure.

The winner!
You've probably seen this image already, and know it's from the new Central library. Sometimes you know you've got a winner when you shoot it, but I have no particular memory of taking this shot. It's only when when I was looking at it in Lightroom that I went wow. Perhaps because it's an HDR shot, and the lighting in the individual shots didn't work overall. Which is why we shoot HDR.

One of the things I consider for Image of the Month is if I keep coming back to it and finding new things. This one, I do. The bison is easy to find, as is the scaffolding, and the morning light that needed no tweaking at all, but the other photographer? That's a bit tougher.

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