Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Closed and open

This isn't the same one, I'm not that organized. In fact it's three different clematis plants.

When I started this, I had some clever segue all planned out, and now it escaped. I blame Dropbox. Here and I thought my novel was being backed up to there. It was, for a while, but not recently, even though I've been doing what I was always doing. So I tried to update it so I could email a novel snippet to a buddy. (The best buddy!)

Well holy doodle! What an ordeal that turned into! I figured I'd use the machine that already has email set up. Open scrivener open the file, copy paste, done.

Not. Grrrr.

It wasn't updating. I eventually forced it, but then it turned it into a zip file, just on that one machine. Doodling around to unzip, then it turns out the version of Scrivener on my laptop is more recent than the version on the email computer, and it wouldn't open the files.

More Grrrrr.

Eventually I used Notes to get it from the laptop to the old Mac and sent. Then save all the novel files to a recent place, and copy them to my raid drive. I'll have to figure out a slicker way of doing that.

Then I copied all the dropbox files to my raid drive and make sure they're ok (most are obsolete backups), Then I deleted all the dropbox files and figuratively peed on the whole works. Never gonna use it again. It can join Evernote in perdition.

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