Saturday, May 19, 2018

Two experimental trees, and Linda

There is a lovely tree near the Reader Rock Gardens. Some of my local readers know it. I've been wanting to get some photos of it for a while. Going into work on Friday I noticed it's blossoming. I've got a shot in mind. I'd love to shoot it in morning mist.

On Friday I wanted to sleep in, and that sort of happened. The light was nice so we zoomed out to try to capture some photos of the tree, then do breakfast, (OEB, if you're wondering) then do some shopping. It's the first time I've spent longer in the line to get in the store, than to pay for the stuff. That's what you get for being early on a long weekend.

While BBQ bison ribeye steak was in progress, I was looking at the wind lashing the neighbour's tree. The light was pretty good. After supper I set up the camera and tried to get the shot I had in mind. I rarely get up to f32 or anywhere close. I'm usually down at the other end. This big number means the aperture is closed off. I wanted the exposure time to be longer to get a sense of the wind blowing the tree around. If I had a filter I'd have put it on. This isn't quite what I had in mind, but almost. I'm going to wait a couple hours till closer to sunset, or maybe even after and try again. In the meantime you get a work in progress.

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  1. I missed this last photo - nicely done. Oddly, enough I have a series built on this idea on my list of things to explore. Cheers, Sean


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