Monday, July 4, 2016

The thunderstorms continue

Last night we were watching this.

It sort of rolled in, took over, and rumbled off to the east. Later another one rolled through. There's one overhead as I write, and there was one earlier today.

The day started with an ok swim. My shoulders are still feeling cranky. Water ran with my buddy Katie.

The office is closed today, and Friday, so I took the whole week as vacation. The cats were delighted to have me home all day, and made it clear what their demands were. Food, lap, cuddles. I snoozed with them a bit, then spent a bit more time working with Lightroom on existing photos, and went and got a few more. I've got the hang of the basic basics, but need to watch some more tutorials.

So far I've been working on trying to make the photos better, as photos. Later I'll try to dress them up a bit more, and turn them more into artwork based on a photo. First things first. I'm looking forward to the photo workshop this weekend.

Did I mention? I actually signed up for the MEC race on July 16, doing the half marathon. Starts at Fort Calgary and goes to Edworthy Park. Then back. I'd like to be under 2:30, and about 2:20 would be about as good as I can expect on current fitness.

And how could I not include this shot of Curtis. I think he's looking very handsome here.


  1. We use to have an orange tabby- Curtis is handsome and knows it... Cats are so confident- well, except one of mine.. She is the original scaredy cat... Where are u swimming these days? Enjoy your time off!

    1. Hi "Lolo", thanks for commenting! One of our previous cats was a nervous kitty, would bolt for the basement at the sound of a car door shutting. I'm swimming at Talisman fairly regular, say hi if you see me there!

  2. Sounds like a great week. Awesome photo of Curtis! Good on ya for signing up for the half. Look forward to hearing how it goes. Hope the thunderstorms settle down soon. We had one here this morning and it looks like we're in for a rainy few days, which is good because everything's bone dry at the moment. The farmers and well-owners (like us) are desperate for it.


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