Friday, January 1, 2016

I shut up and ran.

I looked at the dawn of a new year, and contemplated going for a run. In the end I decided that coffee and breakfast first was a reasonable choice, and ran about noon. It was below zero though, so it's not like I weenied out or anything.

Still, I was thinking of a recent blog by my blog buddy Beth Risdon. It isn't what you'd call delicate, but then, she isn't a delicate kind of girl. She tells it like it is, and gets out there to do it. (Those of you who read her blog regularly realize how delicate *I* am being with the 'do it' part of that statement.) I want to bring a bit more of this shut up and get on with it attitude to my workouts. Within reason of course, and the limits of my tired old bod.

So, me, today. I'd started with more writing this morning. The coffee was so good! Writing and coffee go together so well.  Things have been going well. I'm up to 23,500 words. Some of it conversational blither, of course. I woke up to a great scene, but I'm not sure what the point of it was, or where it belongs. Maybe I should write it down anyway, so the idea fairy keeps bring ing more ideas. I decided to shut up with the words for a bit, and go run. 5 K, 35 minutes nice and easy, trying to relax my hams, and not provoke my left calf. It's feeling a little cranky. It's a beautiful day, clear and sunny, a few degrees below freezing. The run felt great, not many other people out yet.

Yesterday was a nice swim, though still no hot tub. 1.5 K, 29 minutes, feeling very slow in the water, like my arms were going around and around, but not getting a grip. Water ran with Katie after.

The exciting part of the day was some shopping. Costco first and what a zoo that was! I had to park across the road. All sorts of inconsiderate people shambling around like half slaughtered oxen. Just in front of me a couple people got into the store, and stopped right there, looking at the tv display. I didn't recognize the movie or show, but I did recognize the copious amounts of drool. Ick. There was one old geezer with a loud and fatuous voice that I couldn't get away from. They moved the cheese.

Co-op next. Not so many people, but they were all trying to get in my way, I'm sure. I didn't actually trample any of them.

While in Costco I picked up the 3 season set of House of Cards, the American version. I have the British version with Ian Richardson, and loved it! So far, (2 discs) I'm loving the American version, which is a bit of a surprise to me. I hadn't planned on staying up till midnight, but the show carried me along.

So here we are, 2016. I'm not going to inflict any summary of the year on you. Nor am I going to list out my resolutions. I'm not a resolutions kind of guy, other than the afore mentioned desire to be less of a slug, and to get on with the things I want to be doing. There might be a bit more trampling in the year to come. I'm quite sure I reached peak patience several years ago, and my supply is declining.

So far I've got 3 months of work lined up, and who knows if that will actually happen, or what will happen after? I've totally loved this couple weeks off, even though I didn't get to sleep in much. Afternoon naps are nice.

The cats. Here they are, both ignoring me, paying attention to the human in charge.


  1. If getting irritated and mumbling under my breath when people won't get out of my way at Costco makes me a geezer, than at the ripe old age of 50, that's me. Or are you a geezer if you are the one oblivious to others around you? Going to Costco isn't good for my blood pressure.

    1. I don't mind Costco as long as I'm not in a rush, and things are at least within a few aisles of where it was last time. I should do a whole blog on geezer definition. As I've said before, not all the old are geezers, not all geezers are old.

  2. It's the Matrix. Clearly at Costco and Coop. Running and cats are your only escape. By the way, the cats may have ignored you...but BC they have under their paws via proximity.

  3. Glad you made it happen today!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year to you and yours. Cheers - clink. That's me clinking my wine glass to yours.


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