Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Round and round, where we stop?

Tuesday was round and round day, running at Talisman. My phone says 4.36 K in 30 minutes. That might be true. Or maybe not. I suppose I could figure out almost exactly by figuring out laps and stuff, but I don't feel up to it. 25 or 26 times around I guess. I changed direction half way through.

This was at an easy pace, aiming for chatchatchat pace, but there was nobody to chat to. I wasn't sweating hardly at all during the run, but noticed more while doing a cool down walk, and I was sweating a bucket while doing some stretches after. That seems sort of odd. Running inside is still a bit odd to me. Better than a treadmill.

What impressed me was an older woman tottering along in the outside lane, cane in one hand, handrail in the other. When she got to a break in the rail, she paused a moment, then pushed across in a big effort till she got to the other side. I think she was part of the cardiology group. I don't know how she got to this, but for her, walking 3 laps is clearly a huge effort. She was only supposed to do two laps. Good for her.

Swam Wednesday, 1.5 K, 28:10, pretty steady pace, trying to go nice and easy and relaxed. I was so looking forward to the hot tub and it was being cleaned. Sigh.

Curtis still hasn't figured out the front door.

Some random photos, just because.
Dawn from Talisman. Shortly after this it got spectacular, but I was driving.

The same dawn once I was parked.

Sunset from home, facing south.

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  1. Awesome pics!! I tried for some "red dawn" pictures, but they most certainly were not stunning like yours.


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