Tuesday, January 5, 2016

We are 31

No, that's not the royal we.
No, I don't have a tapeworm, though I do have cats.

31 years ago today there was a chinook, ordered by my mom. It was 5 above, and the sidewalks were steaming gently. The guests amused themselves walking outside without their jackets or coats. A few threw snowballs at each other.

The best man never showed up, and just as well. I found out later on he had been over at his brother's place, working on a car. The brother's place was about a 5 minute walk from here. He could have easily dropped in, just to say hello, grease up to the elbows. I recruited another on the fly. I'm adaptable like that.

All the guests easily fit into our house. The deed was done, we nibbled Black Forest cake and some other goodies. Total cost then was a little over twice the price of the meal tonight, and we're just as married as the people that spent 10s of thousands of dollars on their wedding. Actually, more married. Lots of those people divorced.

31 years later we're still in the same house. I didn't have much hair then, and less now. I'm a lot heavier, but given the supply of cookies over the years, that won't be a surprise to anyone. We've been supervised by a steady stream of cats, in order: Sebastian, Thorin, Nefertitti, Amelia, Bernard, Curtis, and Celina. There was a few months hiatus between Amelia and the current bosses. All of them have made it clear they WILL be talking to the cat judge about what completely inadequate humans we are.

We still have a few of the things we moved in with. Linda's dining room table which we used until a few weeks ago. My dining room table turned into the laundry room table, and hasn't been seen for decades. Other stuff. We tend not to replace something if it's still working. We recently replaced a washer that we bought shortly after moving in.

A weird fact for you. Linda wore a family heirloom ring, and I didn't wear one for years. I had a job where my hands sometimes went into odd places, and a ring was a bad idea. Then on a trip to California for an SCA event, which also involved me wearing Micky Mouse ears as a temporary deputy of the person running the event (yes there is a photo, and no there isn't a photo of the photo, if you know what I mean) and I saw a jeweler selling stuff. I tried the ring on and was hooked. I didn't want to take it off. It seemed like a lot of money then, but it still looks good. Later on I got a matching ring for Linda from the same guy.

Only 3 cars in all that time: 83 Honda Accord, a 95 Dodge Caravan, and a 2004 Honda Accord. History says it's time to get a new car soon, but I don't know. These new-fangled things are just so full of electronics. Just one more thing to break. After buying you have to make an appointment to introduce your car to your phone and get them on speaking terms. I fail to understand how it's distracted driving if I glance a text on my iPhone, and NOT distracted driving if I'm fumbling around with a touch screen trying to change radio stations, on a badly designed interface that's got stupid and unresponsive with the cold. And no, I don't look at my phone when I'm driving.

To celebrate we went out to The Lake House, what used to be called Inn on Lake Bonavista. Not a place to go to for a casual after work meal with the family. It's a nice upscale place, and the food is WONDERFUL! I had the bison tenderloin and back ribs, Linda had the caribou leg. Both were yummy. Half bottle of a nice wine that we last had in Italy and liked a lot. Really good dessert. If you've got a special occasion in mind with your sweetie, you could do much worse.

No pictures of food. No pictures of the picture of us, way back in the day. No pictures of the cats. Sorry about that, I know for some of you the cat pictures are the only reason you come here.

Swam this morning, just to build an appetite. The hot tub was working again! 500 m 9:15, gradually speeding up. 5 x 100 on 2 between 100 and 105 seconds. The last was pretty shaky. 100 m in 88 seconds and I blew the last flip turn. Monday was some serious stretching and core. I was beat after a long day back at work.


  1. Congrats!! You are amazingly loyal and consistent.

  2. Happy Anniversary, you two :) Sounds like you had a lovely celebration!

    And, yes, I've eaten at Inn on Lake Bonavista a long time ago - didn't know it was still around!!

  3. Congratulations, you guys! 31 years is impressive. Glad you celebrated in style. Loved the post too. Luke and I took a very similar approach to organizing our wedding (just family and a few close friends - which was already 45 people - followed by a "sharefeast" and party at our apartment) and have followed similar practices re the accumulation of stuff in our married life together (except that we've owned way more houses - we're on numbers 5 and 6). No wonder we felt so comfortable with you guys. Hope we can meet up in the real world again one day soon! Congrats again!! BTW, not too late to share a wedding pic or two. :-)

  4. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to one of the nicest couples we know. Way to celebrate in style!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! :)

    I've eaten at that restaurant before- I remember it being quite good!


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