Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hashtag notaweenie

So this.





I love running with Michelle. She has a rock steady pace, and except for me going up the hills, it was all chatchatchat pace. We both nailed the layering. No SUAR ass-icles were formed in the making of this run, though I'm glad we weren't out in the wind any longer.

We didn't stop  for any other photos because we were afraid our phones would freeze (It's happened to both of us before)  but the Weasel Head is beautiful with snow and hoar frost on all the branches. We were alone for almost the entire run, which is unusual. This is a very popular place to run and bike, but I guess not at -16 C (4F).  The footing was very good, about half of it plowed, with a light layer of packed snow. The rest, down the hill and up the other side, had two packed paths so we could run side by side. Did I mention the chat part?

I'd mentally tagged 4 K as the turnaround point, and knew we were coming up on it at the bottom of the north hill. Michelle totally channeled Katie and said if we start up the hill, we go ALL the way up. So we did, imagining the police band piping us up.


  1. Good for you and Michelle! And those are some pretty awesome tusks. I did not attempt a 30-32K run outdoors. It was just a bit too far outside my comfort zone considering I would be out there for so long. So instead I did a little mental training and ran it all on a treadmill. Lucky me!

    1. Holy doodle! That rates a #notaweenie of it's own!

    2. Impressive!! I complained having to run a 10k on a treadmill, but that's nothing.

  2. Good on ya both! I only did 5k today. Hoping for 13k or more tmw but we'll see.

  3. Felt so COLD...!! Perhaps I am getting soft considering I couldn't run this week, although I really think that 85% humidity is enough to do anyone in. Kudos to you and Michelle!


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