Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wait 5 min, oops, too late

Bed early last night. Slept like a rock. Up at 5 to feed the mammal horde. Curtis starts with polite reminders that we've perhaps forgotten something really, really important. Then it gets louder.

I cogitated on the book, and think I've worked out an alternate ending.

About dawn Michelle picked me up for her long run. She finally got to check out the FA50 race course. We parked at 8th Ave and ran south to the Canoe Club. Going we went right along the start of the WID canal, then on the way back we went up the hill and ran beside Max Bell. Going over the Deerfoot pedestrian bridge I got this post-dawn shot looking at the remains of the Harvie Passage.

Along the way there was the obligatory selfie. I made her put the snack back in her mouth!

This is Michelle scoping out the parking at Canoe Club. Let's just say there isn't much for a 200 person race plus volunteers.

From the Canoe Club we ran back to 8th Ave and along the path all the way up to the parking lot at Beddington Trail. Linda was waiting for me and it was all timed very well. The last couple K got a bit tough with my legs getting tired. In hindsight I should have brought a snack along the run.

Those of you that have been reading my blog for many years might remember some of my first runs along there, back when I was doing 4 and 1 run walks. It was a long time to work my way up to get as far as the golf dome. Today it was nice to revisit the old running grounds, and then explore some bits I haven't seen on foot. There were a couple bike rides home from Skystone along this path when their office was north of Deerfoot mall.

My run meter didn't register the leg from 8th ave to Canoe Club and back at all. It kept the time so I know I ran 2:10 minutes. It's 7.7 K for that bit, and Runmeter says it's 10 K almost exactly to the FA50 turnaround. So 17.7 K at a 7:21 K pace, including a couple photo and snack breaks, but overall nice and easy. That's just over a 5 hr marathon pace. Hmmm. I've had lots of suggestions for books and info, thank you very much everyone. Now I get to read through and figure out a training plan to survive this crazy idea!

It was beautiful out! It gradually got nicer and nicer. Clear blue sky, and well above zero when we got home so I fired up the BBQ and did some Bison tenderloin. So very tender and yummy!

By the time I finished my glass of wine it had started getting blustery. There's some sleet in that, but I don't know if you can see it.

Curtis was fascinated at the noises of the snow sliding off the roof.

Not sure how well you can see, but it turned into a nice little blizzard there for a few minutes. Then it was gone, and now it's overcast. No idea what's going to happen next.

I'm sitting here nicely tired from the run, but not whacked out exhausted. My calves are a little tight, so I'll go roller them some more. The plan for this afternoon is to take the tree down and put away the ornaments and decorations. Let's see how that goes.

And almost a PS, now it's bright and sunny, and things are melting.


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