Friday, January 10, 2014

Still gathering

What with moving a dentist appointment I had to swim on Thursday, upsetting my careful plans for billable hours this and next week. Such is life, constant adjustment. Otherwise it would be boring, right? I even got invited out for a lunch and a coffee this week; Mr. Popularity, that's me.

At first I thought it would be a gong show in the pool because the parking lot was pretty full for that time of day. But someone hopped out and I had a lane to myself. Put in a 14:15 750 m nice and easy, some kick and pull, then some intervals, working on maintaining 45 second 50 m on 1 minute. 3. Yeah, that's pretty sad, but getting better. Then a bit of water running, focussing on bringing my knees up high using core.

I'm so happy to be back in Wed yoga class. As always, lots of good stuff. Our teacher takes good care of me.

I'll head downstairs in a few minutes and do some stretching and core, looking forward to a well planned run tomorrow. Should be fun, I haven't run that route for several years now. It won't be cold, so there should be photos, and probably, just probably, a selfie, with the potential of a shared selfie. Such a lot my readers have to look forward to. Not likely to be any tusks though. Sorry.

I've had some very nice comments from my first readers, the intrepid souls reading the first draft of my book. There will be more comments soon, I'm sure. Looking forward to them too. I've had some ideas about reworking the ending.

Another thing I'm gathering is suggestions on marathon planning books. That's going well too. We decided not to do the Vancouver half marathon in early March. The travel arrangements were a bit sketchy. Maybe the Police Half, if it's still open. Or maybe not. I'm undecided.

Which reminds me of an episode of Coupling. "I'm undecided about spots."

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