Monday, January 6, 2014

The hard workout?

Was the hard workout today:

  • A- 30 minute swim including 3 x 50 m on 1:15 in 45 seconds or less, with lots of kick and pull.
  • B- 30 minute core, including 60 seconds plank and lots of other good stuff.
  • C- Getting the cat off my lap so I could go to bed.
Anybody that didn't guess C has never had hard snoozing cats. This is Celina mere seconds, SECONDS after I struggled out from under the blanket. Somehow without waking up, she managed to make it very difficult to get up.

But I did do the other workouts today as well, and those are the ones I know you think count.

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  1. All three workout formats are important to maintaining good health, both physically and mentally ;)


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