Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shorts. Tech Shirt. January! CALGARY!!

I really should have hit the pool on Friday but I didn't. Later I went downstairs for a really good stretch and core session. My legs felt much better after.

Today was supposed to get up to 13 C (55 F) today so I was bound and determined to break out the shorts and tech shirt. The plan was to get out while the ice was still thawing, but the air was warm. I timed it perfectly! Lots of people out walking their dogs, and if you went by what they were wearing you'd think it was Siberia.

This was to be an easy, easy run. I was thinking 10 K or so, and ended up doing 11. I've never, ever run such even splits, and I credit the run buddy I ran into while crossing Anderson Road. Michelle, take a bow! She was most of the way through her 42 K training run, and still going strong.

Look at these splits, and the pace line. The big spike was turning around, and holding still for a very nice man to take the photo of us. So, technically, I guess, they aren't a selfie, but I got one of those earlier, so I'm good.

My legs feel great after the run! This is as close to runner's high as I've ever been. Beautiful weather for a run. Some chatchatchat to keep the pace right. Stretched after. My lungs feel clean and refreshed. My legs could have gone further. This sort of thing is why I've come to love running.

Just before running I rescued my swim suit from the mighty predator.

Here I am, showing off my favourite run shirt.

My accidental run buddy today.

Here's the view I have to put up with while running today. Your heart bleeds for me, I know.

The side streets are a mess. Here's a shot of how I get to the 37 St path. I could easily see a small car getting stuck or high centered.

The light is fading on the end of the day. The remaining task is to take the Christmas tree down and get our media room back again.

Oops, back again. More photos. The sunset got spectacular as my neighbour came by to get his keys. It's still T shirt weather outside. These are completely unretouched or manipulated in any way. Straight from the iPhone into the blog.


  1. It sure was a gorgeous day out for a run! Great shots too of the sky.

  2. Wow! Looks and sounds wonderful, Keith. Terrific!

  3. Saw the temperature and wondered if you had got your 'shorts' run in - fabulous! And I love the sky shots!!

  4. You've got to grab those opportunities when they come. It could well be June before I can do it again.


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