Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Running. Ice. Dark.

Look Maw, no slips or falls!

Out for a fairly easy 5K, looking to go a bit faster than the easy weekend runs, but not so fast as to worry about footing in the dark. I can't wait till the days get long enough to run in daylight after work.

It all turned out really well, back and forth on the 37 St path. It's in pretty good shape, mostly just hard pack. The sidewalks are brutal right now. I'm pretty sure I could skate to the path without any difficulty, and no risk of ruining the skates. You can bet I walked carefully. It took a bit of doing to get warmed up, then settled in around a 7 minute K pace that felt pretty good. The last bit was faster, and by then my legs felt like running.

Here's the pace graph. 5K 35 minutes almost exactly. Legs feel good after.

The next 4.5 months the blog will be a bit more fitness oriented as I train up for the Calgary marathon. I'll try not to go too overboard on it. For those that come here for the rants and the photos, there will still be some of those. If you come here for something else, don't be afraid to put in your request now.

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  1. I'm looking forward to following your training, Keith!!


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