Thursday, August 19, 2010

Smoke gets in your eyes

The winds shifted and have blown the smoke from the BC forest first into Alberta. There are health warnings for people with respiratory problems to stay indoors. After a bit of encouragement from my coach I did RtN as planned. Normally from the tops of the hills you get a great view of the city. Not today. Not at all. Even from near our house you can't see the buildings downtown. At least I didn't notice it much during the ride, though right now I can taste smoke in my mouth. At the office in the NE earlier in the day it was bad.

Ride was good, 2 hours, though I didn't get right to the bottom of the road. I turned around at the top of the last hill. Tried to pedal strong and smooth, and mostly succeeded. Along the way Chris from Tri It caught up to me and we chatted a bit. Then his buddy Rich showed up. Then later, Darryl dropped in, just after my ride, to wish me well. He'd been riding in Fish Creek.

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  1. FIRST!1!

    What's the deal with telling people with respiratory problems to "stay indoors" when there's forest fire smoke in the environs? Is Kanadian Smoke too f-tarded to know how to seep through cracks in the door jambs and such? or are Kanadian houses all airtight?


    ZOMG!1! No wonder you're all so polite*!1! YOU'RE ALL ROBOTS!1!

    I have a five mile race tomorrow but I won't blog about it till I get back from vaykay, at the earliest, if then. And that's a full week from tomorrow.

    SO MUCH FOR YOUR "PREDICTION"!1! Don't quit your day job! Unless your day job is prognosticator - in that case, QUIT, you fraud!
    * Present company excepted on the politeness issue, of course.


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