Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Riding on a shredded tire

Schedule is kind of mucked up from the weekend. Did not swim this am. Did not want to get out of bed. Barely dragged my tail into work. Good thing Linda made excellent coffee

Run 60 minutes tonight. Ok. There's been better and worse. Nothing more worth saying.

Then downstairs for fail. Well, the intent was core, the result was fail. A pyramid of failure. It's shorter to say what didn't fail. Calf raises. Rows. Everything else failed before completion. Some, like tri dips got further than others, like plank. Some, like pushups and wall sit were instant failure.

A week and a bit ago I had a flat near Okotoks on my long ride. Remember how I said there was lots of crap on the road, and lots of it looked like glass? The tire was a bit soft before my Thursday ride last week and I pumped it up. It was a bit soft again before my Monday ride and I pumped it up. It was soft at the end of the ride, and when I looked at it this morning it was totally flat. I knew there was at least one good cut in the tire so I knew I didn't want to do IMC on it. It so happens my accountant is in the same building as a bike shop downtown. Campione, if you're interested. They had a tire that would fit so I bought it.

Found the hole in the tube pretty quick. Finding the tiny wire that caused it was harder. At least I think that's what caused it. There were several other possible candidates; tiny little pebbles lodged into cuts. What a mess! That tire is now in the garbage. I think that's the fastest I've ever used up a tire and there's still lots of tread on it, but it's the areas without tread that worry me. My hands got a core workout putting the new tire on, and I managed without any tire tools. I must be getting better at this.

The other thing I discovered in this process is that when I'd put the tire back on after fixing the flat, I hadn't flipped the little lever that widens the brakes so the tire can get out, back to where it should be for riding. So essentially, I've ridden the last several hundred K without back brakes. Oops.

So for the long ride this weekend I am NOT going to go on highway 7. Not sure where I'll go exactly. Maybe down to Hartell and left onto the road I did last time.

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