Sunday, August 15, 2010

I had many titles for this blog during the ride

I often think about what I'm going to write in my blog when I'm doing the workout. I don't always remember everything, but I do try to get a good title. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Hello, did you notice I was gone? (This is what I always say to Amelia the cat when I get back. I haven't blogged for what seems like a week. So....)
  • What, do we have cooties? (I waved at all the cyclists going the other way. Only one of about a dozen or so waved back. The rest just looked as if we had...)
  • Actually got it for a few minutes. (Spinning that is. I noticed I was spinning up a hill but it was like my legs weren't doing the work. They were just going around. Something above my legs in my core was doing the work. Of course as soon as I noticed it stopped. But it came back several times.)
  • Shhhh! Don't tell my coach! (I played hooky on Friday from workouts. I barely dragged my ass out of bed and to work. Going to the pool was out of the question. When I got home Linda had dinner on the table, but I know I wouldn't have run. Standing up and walking was a process requiring thought and care.)
  • Testing, Testing, Check 1, Check 2. (Testing new bike gloves Linda found for me, and they're great. Testing Date Newtons on the ride, and they're great too. A nice break from Clifs, if probably not quite so well balanced and nutritious.)
  • A RtN treat for you all. (See below.)

For whatever reason I haven't been waking up feeling rested till this morning. Friday was bad. Saturday was better, but I went back to bed during the first nice afternoon we've had since forever and napped for several hours.

Yesterday we had a nice breakfast in Inglewood, and strolled around a bit. We haven't done that for a long time. Got some nice chocolate. Bought some books I plan to read while lying around in Penticton. Got a few other goodies. Even a few hours of gentle strolling had my legs tired out.

Sunday. Put the road tire back on and generally prepped for a 4 hour ride. 22X west, 22 south, 549 west, 762 north. Turns out 50K from the house is almost exactly the top of the big hill. Turned around at 2 hours and rode home. Those first two hours were steady and smooth. I felt comfortable and happy on the bike and it was a beautiful morning perfect for riding.

The next two hours were kind of fun. Coming back to Millarville was mostly with the wind and quite fast. Going north on 22 was ok, but toward the end I saw a cyclist way up there. I was supposed to ride a bit stronger each hour and was beginning to flag a bit, so I used this as incentive to pick up the pace. Caught her at the top of Rothney Observatory hill. But there were a couple more! I gave chase. Caught two of them fairly quickly, and there was one more out ahead. It took a bit of doing but caught him near the school. Yay me!

Back home just under 3:45 and just a hair over 100 K. Short transition, and just under 25 minute run. Legs felt stiff and clumsy throughout. Lots of nigglies. Afterwards, my knees are feeling creaky.

Doing a bit of random surfing last night I found one of those Real Rides videos done on the Road to Nepal. You can watch it here. It's only the first bit on the baby, warm up hills. It ends just as you're turning the first corner. The first minute is flags flapping in the wind. But they have an elevation profile!


  1. Sounds like the energy's on the way up, up, up and away ready for a fabulouso race :))) You go get 'em :)))


  2. glad i am not the only one that waves at people! and the resa will sit behind me, and if the oncoming dont wave back she yells "HEEEEEELLLLOOOOOOO!" to them on their way by. :-)

    really enjoyed your blog. read most all of the entries, and... actually thought about them on the rides and runs i did myself. hope to see you up there, if only for 5 minutes.

    here is my cell phone number, which i will have on-site before the race.

    ken 313 910 8393.

    very very best of luck in the race. you are more ready than you know. you just, like me, think a lot.


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