Thursday, August 12, 2010


My coach wants to read a positive blog tonight or first thing tomorrow. I don't think of the previous bunch of blogs as negative. I think of them as honest. I'm not beating myself up about the workouts, I'm reporting results here, and yes, it's been tough sledding.

So. Positive.
I got an old tire on the wheel and it held pressure long enough to get a trainer workout done. Weather is cold and rainy here all day. I got a revised workout to do on the trainer. I didn't throw up when I read the workout, and seriously considered dressing really warm and going for the outside workout.

Long warmup, 15 minutes before I could do 85 rpm. Cadence, all was good up to about 115 rpm or so. Then the jello legs set in. Next set was a progressively steeper hill climb. This got weird. Started second from the top on the big chainring, and added a gear every two minutes. For 5 gear changes. At the end of this I'm sweating a bucket, my legs are killing me, I'm easily breathing through my nose, and my heart rate is 120.

Short rest, then the same again, only starting one gear harder, and was trying to maintain at least a few rpm higher throughout. Essentially this was as hard as my legs would go. At least this time I was breathing harder, and my heart rate peaked at 128 bpm but mostly it was around 120 again. My right knee got painful during the last 2 minutes so I stopped. Nice cool down. Stretched.


  1. LOL...Isn't NOT vomiting upon reading a workout is a negative thing?

  2. I don' think you have been negative..?? You are brutally honest and you ARE training for an Ironman...its that time of year where everyone I talk to doing the training is tired and beat and ready to be done and they look like that negative? I think that's the sport!!!


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