Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(Hides face in hands)

Swim warmup was not good. Tried to relax and ease into it, to find the groove. I even did a bit of extra warmup, hoping my body would remember how to swim. Fist was a flail, trying to keep from sinking to the bottom. During the catchup drill my flip turns abruptly failed. I found this out when I banged my tailbone on the floor of the pool - in the deep end. I had lots of time to look at the surface, wondering how long I could stay down there before the lifeguards came to get me. Once I realized I was not naturally floating upward at a rate that would lead to my being able to breath when I wanted to, I just stood up.

Halfway through the first 400 m main set I made the mistake of looking at my watch. Holy crap. I don't think I've ever swum 200 m that slow. I gave it another 100 m trying really hard on my stroke, and I sure hope nobody was watching because it was ugly. Then I got out of the pool and put the toys away.

Another long run tonight was in the plan. 5K loops again, with the front patio as an aid station.
First loop. 39:39 avg heart rate 113. T Rex plods again! The entire 5K was on the verge of breaking into a walk.

Second loop. 38:46 avg heart rate 117 I pushed a lot harder, hoping for a 35 minute lap time. Not. There is nothing in my legs. Stride sucks.

Third loop. 48:15 avg heart rate 104. My legs stopped running (I use that word very loosely, you understand.) about 1:45. Thats about where I realized I was going slower than my fast walk.

Total 2:06. Max heart, the MAX heart rate for crying out loud was only 125. That's not even zone 3. The big success for the evening is that I didn't trip over a sidewalk slab and land on my head, lying there till some generous passerby reads the Road ID and makes a phone call.



    take 2 days off. :-) you might be overtraining a bit if everything is tricky...

  2. Sounds familiar and I agree with Sparfy...take a break.

  3. You need a solid rest. As in sleeping in and doing NOTHING kind of rest. Not mowing the lawn, cleaning the basement/car/whatever kind of rest. Even one day of solid R and R -- get your feet up, watch some True Blood. :) :)

    You'll bounce back I have no doubt about that!!!!


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