Monday, August 23, 2010

I almost forgot

This morning was a swim! Yes. I had to convince myself to go. And since Linda is on vacation, I had to choose between a 6am start at Renfrew, or a 5:30 start at Canyon Meadows. Decisions decisions. In the end I went to Renfrew and joined the chatty herd at the front door.

Shared the lane with another fast swimmer. I think he's tapering too, he wasn't catching up as fast, and it sure wasn't because I was swimming faster. Took a long time to warm up, and never did feel really strong. By the time a half hour rolled around I was ready to call it a workout.

In the evening I was sort of all ready to go for a run, then looked at the plan and realized it wasn't called for. Like that broke my heart. I'll have to rest up, the run is tomorrow.

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