Saturday, June 7, 2008

Vulcan Tinman cancelled

I would have gone! So would Kelsey! We're pretty sure we'd have gone. Almost sure. Well, maybe not. But it wasn't our decision.

Susi must be recognized for her efforts in getting me organized for this. She gave me her secret lucky checklist, and all sorts of advice. Just to be sure I wouldn't back out, she came here, ostesibly to carpool to the event, but I know she was here to double check the list, and make sure I had everything. She even brought purple pom-poms! How cool is that for a cheering section for your first tri event?!

Off we went, in the pouring rain. We took the scenic road to Nepal I've talked so much about, and she totally wants to do it with me after IMCDA. The road is now paved all the way from 22x down to 586 or whatever it is. Very nice, can't wait for the first nice day to get out on it.

We went through torrential rain getting to Vulcan. It was still raining hard when I got lucky and found a parking place near the registration booth. As I was lining up, or rather milling around, they were announcing it was cancelled. Simply too cold, too wet, too windy, and with reports of thunder. They hadn't made a final decision, but it appears they will roll us over into next year's race. So that goes on the agenda.

We met up with Kelsey about then. She had already been numbered. I caught my buddies Kris and Sophia before they left home, and IG was texted. He'd just started and turned around. Jarrett from work and his wife were there as well. We milled around some more, then headed back to Okotoks and met Kelsey for tea and a snack. We had a great chat as we dried out and warmed up.

I'm disappointed that it was cancelled, but I have to admit to a bit of relief as well. It was fricking cold! You could see your breath on the air. I don't mind riding in the cold, but the wet doesn't thrill me. Cold and wet is no fun at all. I'm hoping that weather for Chinook in two weeks will be good. Looking over the IGP™ for the next couple weeks and beginning to get pumped!


  1. awwww that sucks, does that mean your first tri will be a half?

  2. that sure does mean his first triathlon will be a half!! HOOOYAAAAAH!

  3. I told you you were HARDCORE. Your first tri wil be a half IRONMAN!!!!
    Set up your transistion are aon your front lawn and start practicing :)

  4. Too bad your first tri was canceled!!

    I was thinking about you yesterday in your inaugural tri!!

  5. I can't imagine having a HIM as my first tri!

  6. OOOOHHH!! Dang it! We got home from the lake last night and this was the first place I checked to see if you had a race report up yet!!


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