Sunday, June 15, 2008

Taper week begins

90 min bike spin today.
30 warmup, I needed it, the house was cold
30 min top of zone 3
15 min mid zone 3
15 cooldown
quick transition
Run 3K 22 min, nice and easy, average heart rate 125 bpm

The interesting part was getting wet in the shower first, then going downstairs to get into bike stuff, and start workout. It all went pretty well. I decided to stay on the trainer since it was already set up, and I wanted to concentrate on heart rates, not traffic.

Weekly totals
Swim 1.33
Bike 2.5
Run 2.66
Total 5.5 hrs.


  1. Enjoy the taper --you are going to start feeling rested and very strong!!

  2. oh ys..taper :) you deserve the rest and then WHAMO!! Show time!!


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