Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shameless rumour mongering

I'm being lazy this week on the training front. Legs are feeling better, back to just normally tired today, thank you very much.

I'm also eagerly awaiting news of Susi's race, and need to do something to burn off some energy. So I'm going to speculate.

Have you noticed how neither Susi or Greg have posted anything yet? It's been 84 hours since the end of her race. What CAN they be doing???

What does Julie look like with her new 'do? And Kelly wanting to get a 'do before her race? What's up with that? By the time you've got your wetsuit on you've worked up a sweat and the hair is plastered to your head anyway, to say nothing of the swim cap, then the bike helmet, then the running cap.

Does Curtis really only get flats because he rides with Darryl? I'd like to see a statistically valid sampling here.

Is Jenna going to give IG a swim lesson during his visit?

Linda has wanted to go to Stoney Plain to visit Country Register shops for a while now. Will her and Keith go the weekend after Canada Day? And no, we already know that Keith is not going to go shopping. What COULD he get up to?

Did you notice that the Chinook Half results were up to see just how awesome Kelsey rocked the bike? Go to


  1. I had no choice but to rock the bike after that spectatular blunder in the lake

    Seriously ladies I had to show off my hair to my aunt and uncle after my race as they haden't seen the shorter do and it wasn't pretty after being suck under a cap, helmet and hat/ice bucket!

  2. Keith...i can hear you reading your entire post as a little town gossip hound..... Is Jenna is going to as something to greg's dinner to slow him down on the ride a bit :)

  3. Shameless, absolutely shameless. LOL!! Hmmmm -- I WONDER whatever you will do in Stony Plain???? ;)

    I have a few other questions I've always wanted to ask:

    1. Why does Darryl excite such animosity from wasps and dogs and the like? (Not beavers yet, Thank God.)

    2. Will Kelly apply lip gloss in T1 at Stony Plain?

    3. Who will win the Greg vs. Jenna smackdown?

    4. How many new words or phrases Jenna will coin after this weekend?

    5. Does Shannon wear his new helmet in the shower?

  4. I have got to get you all training more... you have WAY too much time on your hands to come up with all these questions!!!
    ha ha ha :)
    Oh, and Jenna... if you add something to dinner, I WILL add some distance to your ride and you will miss the circus that night because you will be somewhere out there on your bike still!! :P

  5. Oh my my...thanks Greg thinks all we do is play and I will be the first to meet his wrath.

    1) IG I cannot miss the CIRQUE show with my kids because a) the tickets were 500 bucks! b) you would loose hero status damn quick - cause right now they act like you are superman!!
    2) I will not poison you :) I bought some yummy food that you can watch me eat first :) you know, to make sure I am still kicking.
    3)Yes, Kelly will have Lipgloss but she will apply it ON the bike :) It will have glitter in it.
    4)Clearly Greg will win the smackdown because I want to get to the CIRQUE show!!
    5)I will have plenty of new phrases...I can promise you that as that is how I entertain myself on long rides:)
    6) Now I have the image of Shannon in the Shower with the helmet, his wife standing there with her arms crossed looking at him like WTF and shannon replying with a grin, You married it!


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