Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beautiful Sunday am ride

Recovery is all very well, and necessary, but I've been feeling pretty good lately. My theory is that the only way to find out your limits is to try to pass them. Cautiously of course, with suitable thought given for the attempt and possible consequences.

I had mapped out a nice 110 K loop out 22x, down 762 to Millarville, across 549 to the Road to Nepal and back home. The Millarville General Store is about the 70 K mark; a good place to rest a bit and water up for the hills to come.

Starting out about 8am today I promised my legs that I'd pay attention to any messages and modify my route accordingly. It wasn't long before I got the message loud and clear that I was ok for easy spin and the flats, but I wasn't up for big hills. My calves are still tired. As long as I was smooth, things were good. Push too hard and I'd get into a pre cramp feeling. It's odd though, I still felt strong, within my limits. I was comfey on the bike, though my toes were going to sleep a little.

So that ruled out Road to Nepal. You can see my actual route to the right. My goal thought was, high cadence easy spin, low heartrate, no concern about pace. I'm actually pretty pleased. It was a beautiful day for a ride. I got out before it got hot, and it's only when I was almost home again that the heat started to soak in. The mountains were stunningly beautiful.

I took along lots of nutrition, since I was hoping for 110 K. 4 Cliff's bars, 2 bananas, 2 energy drinks, and a water bottle. I finished all but a bit of the energy drink and there was a Cliff's bar left. For a 3.5 hour ride, I think that's right in the ballpark.

There weren't all that many people out riding on the out leg. Waved at most of them. Oddly enough, even though I didn't need to go, much of my thinking was about the mechanics of peeing while riding a bike. I'm just assuming that riders don't go in their pants. I tugged a little at my shorts leg. There is no way that is coming up high enough. That leaves dropping the top, and here things get interesting. My assumption is that correctly done there isn't any on you, your bike, or anyone else. You've got one hand to manipulate the material, and the junk. It seems to me that you drop the pants enough to moon the world, sit sort of sideways, and away you go. Lets hope nobody is behind you. That's the out the bottom model. Just for comparison, I considered the "over the top" model, where the front of the shorts comes down, and you twist sideways somehow. This might work if you're much longer than average, but the odds aren't good. It passed the time.

So there I was at my turnaround spot, thinking about bio pressures, or the lack thereof, and decided to eat my banana first. Just as well. You know how it sometimes happen where you go from being all alone to being surrounded by company almost instantly? That's what happened. I wasn't two bites in when a guy pulled over, hopped out, and asked nice where Millarville was, and how to get there. Gave him directions. A small herd of motorbikes thundered by. Just as I was finishing the banana, two more riders came to the intersection coming down from Bragg Creek. We chatted a bit, then rode to Millarville together. They were going to turn around and go back, and I kept on going.

There was a guy way ahead of me, so that became my goal. Pedaling steady, try to reel him in, as the saying goes. It took a long time, but I finally caught him near Red Deer Lake school. The winds were light, and there were a bunch of times I was surprised how fast I was going. There are days I think I need to check my bike computer and make sure the wheel size is set right.

Here's the numbers for those who want to know. My spoke magnet fell out to the rim a few Km from the house, so the numbers aren't totally accurate.

94 or 95 K distance
26 Kph average speed
3:31 bike time, 3:41 stopwatch time
79 Average cadence
127 Average heart rate
3574 calories.

My weekly totals essentially consist of this ride, and a bit of swimming. Looking to get back on the training bus tomorrow.


  1. lol..great ride:) so will it be out the bottom or over the top for ... I have no idea how that all works so let me know when you have figured it all out!! And until you do, keep your food OUT of your bento box!!!

  2. only in a race does one need to pee on their bike! haha. which reminds me, i must ask julie the technique!!

    great ride! oh, and perhaps gregory can explain how boys go pee on the bike! lol.

  3. How to Pee on the Bike (For Susi):

    The most difficult thing is breaking the mental barrier. The first time I attempted to pee on the bike was during my first IMC. I had to go so bad, my arms were cramping!

    I thought to myself, "OK, JUlie, just let go." But my pee muscles refused to relax. They were clenched tight and no amount of self-talk seemed to budge them -- all those years of holding my pee to go to a washroom had thickened my neural pathways to the point that holding my pee in had become an involuntary reflex.

    I even started talking aloud to myself -- "Come on, Julie -- just PUSH!" Finally, I did it!

    Contrary to what I *thought* would happen -- pee didn't go flying all over the place. I didn't have to worry about anyone behind me -- none of that. Because, as a woman, what happens is very simple: the pee streams down your shorts and momentarily collects at the hem of your bike shorts.

    From there, a trickling stream or two runs down your legs and into your bike shoes.

    *WARNING* If you attempt this, take full advantage of the water-soaked sponges they hand out at aid stations during the run to "rinse" yourself off. The combination of sweaty bike shorts and sitting in pee for 180km can eat away at your nether regions and makes the worst case of chafing look like a minor scratch. Trust me -- rinse off crothal area every chance you get.

    For you gents -- I think it would be soooo much easier to deal with a willy!!


    Julie (Providing way too much inforamtion at the least provocation.)


  4. I don't judge others but I do think peeing on your bike is wrong.

    Perhaps only acceptable for those in contention for a top spot, otherwise gross!

    Great ride though!

  5. For the record, I will not be peeing on my bike...a tri-buddy told me where the potties are and there is always a bush or two on the side of the road!! Not breaking any records or hoping for a top age group a few minutes at the porta potties will be just fine...


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