Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Piha, revisited

Let's just say there was lots of clearing the undergrowth today. At one point I was looking at a desk calendar for 1995, complete with notes about what I was up to. There was lots of vacuuming for dust as I went along. Some of this stuff hasn't been disturbed in a long time. But the goal of the day was achieved, to excavate a desk. That part is done. Much remains.

The other thing has been to make lists to start capturing some of the stuff that's been whirling around in what passes for a brain. I like making lists. The problem is that I tend to ignore them, then start other lists with some overlap, then it gets complicated. Trying to do better.

Some shots from Piha showing some of the choices we have with photos. Its two different photos, not a full sized version and a cropped version. Same scene, similar but not identical processing, very different feels to the photo. Do you have a preference?

Surfing is one of the things I've always wanted to learn, and never have. That's one of the problems with living so far from an ocean. This was a big class of kids, early to mid-teens or so. I was told that some NZ schools teach surfing as part of the curriculum.

Yes, that's Linda.

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  1. Ooh artsy - I like it. Speaking of like I am enjoying the expanded "Of the Day". The series of Michelle is getting more intriguing. We don't often see long studies of a single person. I'm wondering if a small "Book of Michelle" could be a possibility.
    And now to the question of the day.
    I like both and I am not enamoured with either. In the first image I would like to see a little more space on the right of the trunk. The present crop feels cramped which doesn't compliment or contrast with the sense of space from the background. In the second image I would like to see a little less space to the right of the trunk as the visual masses within the image make the whole image feel lopsided. Though the horizon is straight it doesn't feel horizontal. There is also a lovely line in the sand (starting middle bottom) which leads the eye to the rock pinnacle. That line also creates a visual dead zone on the far right. By removing some space from the right I think you could still maintain a sense of openness, and bring the image more into balance. The lesson I think we are both trying to learn is what is the minimum amount of information an image requires to tell the story / idea / emotion of the moment. Cheers, Sean

  2. Comments from 3 people, via Facebook.
    James "Not quite sure why, but I prefer the uncropped picture."

    Lynda "Second wood one as it flows better with the background and the photo becomes about the whole scene instead of just the wood."

    Katie "2nd one all the way - just like the feel of the immense sand."

  3. The surfing class images are gorgeous! I can just imagine taking a surf lesson in with that as a backdrop.


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