Monday, June 1, 2020

Macro Monday 38, 5x flowers

As in 5x magnification. A fun morning. For those that need a refresher, I'm shooting with the Canon MP-E 65 mm lens. At this magnification, a subject 1 cm long in real life, is captured across 5 cm of the sensor. Except my sensor is only 3.59 cm x 2.4 cm. Finding focus is tricky, and the slightest camera or subject movement produces a blurry image. Depth of field on these shots is under a mm. Lots under.

Which is huge contrast to the other lens I've been using lately, the behemoth. It's been good to stretch the photographic muscles, thinking about similar subjects in different ways.

Starting with a rose hip from last year.

Moving onto the dread Alberta wild rose. And you wonder why I'm afraid of it. Those thorns are sharp and strong.

Near the rose are some adorable hens and chicks, looking like they are getting right into growing season.



A something or other in the front bed.

One of the clematis buds.

No, not the Corona virus. This is some of the clematis fluff from last year.

One of the tulip petals up close and personal. Maybe too close.

Of the Day


A slightly more distant view of a hens and chicks colony.


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  1. Love the macro shots Keith! I had been struggling with my macro lens and set it aside for a while. You are inspiring me to pick it up a gain.


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