Wednesday, June 24, 2020

First bee photos of the season

We worry about the bees. The world has always been tough on bees what with animals and people coming along to steal their honey. Yet they keep on working, pollinating everything in sight, making honey, buzzing along making for a great summer backdrop noise. Lately it's got worse with pesticides and colony collapse.

Our garden has flowers specifically chosen to attract bees, and we usually see lots of them. But it's like the season is really slow to start this year. I hope there wasn't a big die-off because of the long cold winter. We haven't seen many this year so far, though it's been picking up the last several days.

Then yesterday evening coming home from a walk and looking at the garden, a bee flew in and started checking out one of the alliums. Right there in front of me as I held a camera, and even better, with the right lens on it. It only took 75 photos to get these three.

Of the Day

He does love to droop over the edge of the kitty condo.

No, I didn't flip the photo. It's bent over sideways and this is the direction I shot it. I tried flipping it, and it looks weird with the one stalk coming in from what is then the top.


Ribbon Creek
Yes, really, on the hike. I'm such a sucker for dead wood.

Possibly the worst one of the bunch.


  1. The bees were plentiful here in our garden, Keith. The blueberry patch lured so many that the place was buzzing every time I walked past. They've since moved on to share the Wigelia with the hummingbirds.
    I like the Keith of the Day - you look pensive...possibly eyeing up the next photo?

  2. These bee photos feel very different from your previous ones. I love the brightness and liveliness of these 3. Cheers, Sean


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