Saturday, February 9, 2019

Our day for ecotourism

We did a hairy drive up the hill to the original wind turbine. They don't call this place Windy Welli for nothing! Right there is a fence, and on the other side of the fence is Zealandia, which we wanted to go to next. Unfortunately, there is no practical way to scale the fence. We ended up driving even hairier roads to get down the hill and around the eco reserve to the entrance. We had a wonderful time there, mostly doing an easy stroll. Another bunch of photos.

There are so many good captions for this photo, but I'll leave that for my readers.

Something I had not known about these is they have winglets just like airplanes, and for the same reasons.

I haven't been much for bird photography, but this photo, wow! Like the flowers, don't ask what it is.

I don't often do vertical panoramas, but wanted to try to get the big tree above the dam. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to stand out from the foliage in the photo as well as it does in real life.

This isn't an organized park like the various botanical gardens; it's more an attempt to preserve the vegetation and critters the way they were before humans came along. It's lovely to stroll around and there's all sorts of educational displays. I can see them running bus loads of school kids through here.

I was just loving the different greens, and the texture of the hillside.

The greens reflected in the water are pretty nice too.

Some more of downtown, mainly to see if my SIL Fiona is homesick.

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  1. That was ever so kind of Polly (# 3) to pose. Cheers, Sean


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