Friday, February 8, 2019

more beach day, starring Linda

At the start, overlooking the beach, at least a little of it.


3 There is no clothing optional section of this beach. Where is she off to? It goes on and on.


5 There's a section where people launch boats. There are a few tractors like this one, and some modified ones, sort of like the mega wheel trucks, where the engine and cab are up high. Some people use trucks, but that's boring to photograph.

6 Wood or rock?



9 The plants look like an invading army, oozing out of the dunes.


11 Love the shape of some of the trees here.


13 Another beach view.

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  1. The reflection in the sunglasses really helps to make 1 successful. I like the composition of 12. Kiwi blue appears to be very different from ours. Cheers, Sean


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