Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Mahanga happiness

There we were, on the beach again. We all know what she was looking for. Let's move on, shall we?

Today was up to the Mahia peninsula. Mahanga beach is awesome! Soft clean sand. Lots of pretty interesting driftwood. Toilets at one end, but no showers. Can't have everything, I guess. It's really long, so Linda didn't get to the end, but I probably walked 5K in the soft sand, and she went much further than me.

It was a long tough drive. Kiwi drivers have a nasty tailgating habit. You know it's bad when I dare not pass a big truck in the passing lane because there were lots of places it was driving faster than I would. I'm not often pulling into the slow vehicle lane at home, but I was there almost every time, and some places in between, to let people by.

 More Linda, looking for you know what.

Part of the view from the top of Mokotahi lookout. I thought I was doing well to climb up in under the advertised 20 minutes. Except a mom was coming down, bumping her kid in a stroller down the stairs. She called it a nice walk, to see the ocean.  Then while we were at the top, a mom with a kid in a front pack joined us. She liked to zip up and down, daily, while taking her dog for a walk.

Linda on the beach, going you know where.

One of the driftwood bits.

Can you see Linda? She is a speck in the distance. I think she's found what she's looking for. Meanwhile, I'm liking the face in the driftwood. Lots of that. I might have to do a blog called faces.

And there she is, on the way back from where she's been.

I was out for some night sky shooting on Marine Parade as an act of optimism. As expected, there was far too much light. Somebody went and put a whole bunch of street lights along the parade, aimed at the ocean. Standby lighthouses, I guess, not wanting a supertanker to plow into the beach or something. Plus there was a lot of salt spray coming off the ocean; I had to clean my glasses and camera lens after. If you squint really hard you can see the milky way above the driftwood. Hopefully I'll get out for another night where it's dark.

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  1. The last one appears to be the beginning of an interesting idea - I like it it. Cheers, Sean


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