Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Before, during, after the full moon shot

The problem with the ocean is that there isn't much for foreground. I was thinking of a full moon shot, thinking about getting it half on the horizon, or maybe the bottom limb just kissing the horizon. I've been musing about the milky way emerging from the ocean. Just to tease you a bit. Not sure if I'll get it.

I was thinking I might be able to do something with the Marine Parade viewing platform. TPE showed me the moon was rising nearly due east, so I hoped I'd be able to frame the moon with the pillars and roof. When I got out to there and saw the murk on the horizon, I realized that wasn't going to work, but the more I looked at the platform, the more I wanted to include it.

As an aside, as I was waiting several people came along and chatted about the full moon, photography, visiting New Zealand, and other topics. It was only a few minutes after 8 on a warm summer evening. There were a ton of people strolling, so I knew there would be people in the shot, nothing to be done.

Here's the end on shot I wanted. Imagine (if you will) a nice full moon dead centre in that little square of sky. I suppose I could take one of my other full moon shots taken with the behemoth lens and composite it in there, but no.

Then the moon emerged off to the left of the platform. Sigh. I scuttled over to the right and tried to figure out a nice composition. You plan all you can but have to adapt to circumstances as they arise. Here's what I think is the best moon shot of the many I took, playing with composition.

Once the moon is up a certain amount, there is no point to shooting anymore. I was packing up when Ian, the other photographer out working to capture the moon introduced himself. As we chatted we both noticed the shimmer of light on the ocean, and the ship out there.

I tried to line up the ship, the shimmer, and play with composition, blah blah blah. None of them worked out that well particularly. Half the problem was not realizing the ship was moving. It was an example of being behind the light. I should have seen it and been waiting. Still, the shot is nice, providing you don't go pixel peep the ship. (I heard you zoom in! Bad reader!)

Shooting at night is always fun. These are on the way back to the apartment.


  1. via facebook. Janice Brown Loved the moon shot and the lovely colours in this one. Great captures.

  2. Great to meet and chat photography with you Keith. And all the very best with your future photography adventures. Look forward to checking this blog to see what you've been up to!


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