Monday, December 24, 2018

Wide and otherwise south skyline

This is the last photo on the way home from beers and camera. In case you were wondering, it was only one beer, and food, and a several hour walk before heading home. It's done with the new wide lens. I could have cropped it to get rid of the fence, but three things. I like the glints of colour on the fence. It makes a dandy leading line into the photo. I really like that building in the lower right corner. Plus I like that you can see the stars and a airplane light trail if you look carefully.

As I was wondering about what to write for the blog today, I got to thinking about my other photos from this vantage point. This one is 40 mm equivalent, and cropped in a bit from there. Don't worry about the equivalent thing. Just thank me for the consideration of changing the numbers so they are comparable. You can see downtown appears to be a bit closer.

About 45 mm equivalent and cropped in a bit, so closer yet.

About 72 mm equivalent and cropped a bit so quite a bit closer. I wanted to get the tall buildings and that beautiful colour on them, and didn't mind losing the Tower.

Lastly, at 283 mm equivalent and uncropped, so this is no longer a skyline, properly speaking. At least I don't think so.

I suppose if I'd thought about this in advance, I'd have taken the behemoth lens and see what 600 mm looks like, or even put it on the old T6, and get 960 mm. I'd be able to peer into my buddy's office in the Bow and see where he gets his coffee from. Another time.

Another year is drawing to a close. Blur. My blogging schedule is going to be a bit erratic over the next little while. You may wish to keep an eye out on Neil Zeller's blog here, (at least I believe it's there, if I find out otherwise I'll fix it) and see what I said about the experience of taking his workshops. I did. You should too, if you're interested in photography and haven't yet.

I often do an Ask Me Anything feature about this time of year. So, AMA. At some point I'll gather the questions, dip into the well of creativity, and answer. I'll warn you first so you can fasten your seat belts.

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