Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The last nice November sunset

Lately the clouds have been promising for sunrise and sunset. The two are happening closer and closer to each other. However, like rain clouds in Saskatchewan, there is much promise and not so much delivery.

This was at the end of November, and it still isn't as nice as what my eyes saw. There was some faint feathering in the transition from bright orange to the darker clouds that don't appear in the photo as well as I'd like.

This is one of the first photos I took with the new wide lens.

It makes the house look like it goes on forever, which I assure you is not the case. None the less, I managed to get the horizontal lines mostly horizontal, and the vertical lines mostly vertical. There are a couple of exceptions, and it's not the fault of the lens. It comes from opening and closing one particular pair of drawers many times a day, every day, for more than a decade.

The drawers have slipped a little in the middle, and it was my thing today to adjust them. It turns out to be one of those things that ought to be simple, but as with many IKEA things, what should be simple isn't necessarily so.

There are several screws to be adjusted, but then the drawer didn't slide properly on the rails. There was lots of fussing about with it. The end result is that I'm still not convinced the drawer is mounted on the rails exactly right, but it appears to be lined up better, and opens and closes properly. At least there was no swearing involved, and even though Curtis was 'helping', no cats were harmed. Any of my readers an expert on AKURUM drawer adjustments? There's a bottle of wine in it for you, plus coffee if it's that time of day.

Today was a cold morning spent waiting for a promising sunrise, with several photos taken, and none edited. Sunset looked promising, with clouds coming in and the sun just so. Not. I was hoping to get the first star shots with the new lens tonight, but just about sunset it clouded over. That's the way it goes sometimes.

I've got a meeting to go to tonight, and I'll look after that. Maybe the clouds will have blown over and it's clear. One never knows.

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