Monday, December 10, 2018

A Fish Creek Chinook bridge, sort of

Still having fun with the new Sigma lens. This first one is a from a walk down in Fish Creek the other day. My thinking was the sun would slip under the chinook clouds and light up the bottom of the clouds, and the ground, and it would all look stunning. Well, not so much. This is the only shot I liked out of the bunch. News of that area is that there is a huge area fenced off where they're going to put a storm pond.

I'm still getting used how close I have to be to objects to have them in the foreground. I couldn't quite touch the bridge railing, but almost.

This one is from earlier in the month, near the learning centre.

Here's the learning centre. This was kind of tricky to get the verticals vertical, and the horizontals horizontal.

A reflection selfie in the window. I had to crop out frame. There was no way of getting it right.


  1. I will have to return to the first photo again. There are many things going on in the image that are appealing but all those appealing bits don't seem to fit. A revisit (on my part) is required. Cheers, Sean

  2. Ok, so I returned and here is the continuation of my thoughts. In summary there are too many photos here (at least 3). The soft glow on the snow and the trees, which I like is compromised by the following:
    a) The hard vertical vertical line of the fence takes the eye out of the picture.
    b) The hard vertical line of the clipped white sun is too strong for the softness in mid-ground.
    c) There is no third hard vertical on the right (many curves but no complimenting verticals) of the image to bring that area into perception, and therefore the right vertical third of the image is lost.
    d) The curve of the river bank, is not pronounced enough to lead the eye through the image.
    As a result of the above 4 observations the image appears uncommitted. There is not enough softness for the eye to wander and the hardness is not balanced across the image. I like all the elements but they don't appear to work together. Cheers, Sean


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