Friday, December 28, 2018

Fish Creek skyscrapers

I'd mentioned the ramble in Fish Creek earlier this week. Here's the little trickle I found with open water, and even better, something to cast a reflection. Yay!

These first two are taken from nearly the same place. The water looks like you could swim laps in it, but no, it's only a few inches across and a few feet long.

 I've been thinking about shots like this one ever since I got this lens, but this is the first time I've liked the composition, and had good light.

The life cycle of bullrushes is a complete mystery to me, but I somehow suspect that new plants grow from beneath the water and the dead ones eventually fall down into the water. The circle goes round in the course of a year, though I suppose breaking down the dead material might take a little longer.

For too long people believed that wetlands like this were a waste, that they should be drained and put to 'productive' use. We mostly know better now, and are starting to install artificial wetlands. In a generation I suspect they'll be indistinguishable from the natural ones, aside from some inconspicuous bits of concrete.

I'm finding the wetlands to be great subjects, assuming one can get in and out without being swallowed by the swamp, or eaten by bugs. Winter gives great access, you just have to look harder to find the subject. I've no idea why this water hasn't frozen over. It's barely moving, it's quite shallow, and there doesn't appear to be a warm source.

The trees take longer to grow. The ones in the photo have probably been there several human generations, maybe more. In a park there isn't much danger of them being cut down. They'll likely be there till a really big wind comes along to blow them down, or they get a tree disease. They are a fair way up the hill so I don't think the roots will be undermined and topple the tree. That happens in lots of other places in the park and can be photogenic. Often it doesn't even kill the tree, it continues to grow, just in a new direction.

Our own skyscrapers aren't nearly so durable. Usually they're torn down long before their useful life is over. Still, they grow from under ground, stand proud in the sunlight for a time, and eventually fall with some of the materials being recycled.

Perhaps there's a message there for us.

The message for you is, don't forget this is your chance to AMA!

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