Monday, December 3, 2018


For whatever reason I like taking photos of the various memorial benches placed in parks. Often they have a scenic view. The trick is to get the bench and the view together and looking nice. Let's just say I've had mixed results so far.

Here's two with the new wide lens from Fish Creek. The first one is beside bridge 2.

This one is near a bridge that washed away in the 2005 flood, I think. Yes, that's one night of light snow.

I'm really liking how putting a bench in front of the landscape works with the new lens. I'm thinking I'm going to have to revisit every bench I've taken a photo of.

I was out a little earlier this evening playing with the lens handheld. It doesn't quite see in the dark, but it's pretty close! These are shot well after sunset at the far south west end of Woodlands, on the path going down into Fish Creek. There is no direct lighting, the ISO is only 1600, and the shutter was fairly slow. No special tricks in Lightroom to play with the image. Still figuring out composition.

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