Sunday, October 15, 2017

Swim and run and Fish Creek squared

I somehow missed yesterday in the excitement of getting my bike set up on the trainer, and actually spinning for a while. That felt really good, which is a nice change. Then today it was 15, easily warm enough for me to ride outside, and a buddy that was riding. Sigh. Such is autumn in Calgary.

Today was more organized, starting with a swim. Not as nice in a time/distance sense as earlier this week, but still nice. Then a 7 K run after second breakfast, 50:39, 7:16 pace, feeling really good. That was a shorter loop down into Fish Creek, which is thoroughly lovely this time of year.

Then a little later I was out cameraing, and was down in Fish Creek again, immediately south of the 24 St parking lot, walking around the little slough/pond, whatever that's called. The weird thing is that it was beyond full. A couple times I've been the only car parked there, but most of the time there are somewhere between several and a bunch. Today the lot was full, the entrance road had people parked on it, as well as the exit. No idea why. Maybe just lots of people out enjoying the nice weather. Good thing, next weekend could be a foot of snow and polar bears.

I wandered around looking for reflection shots, and thinking about one of the techniques I'd read about recently. That thinking and planning and looking, and trying several times got me this shot. I'm quite pleased.

Then some other shots, which actually, came before that one. I was working with my wide lens, which I normally use for astro photos. I'm pretty pleased how these turned out.

This isn't the wide lens, it was done at the same time as that first one, with the same idea.

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