Thursday, October 5, 2017

Harvest moon

It's been a while since I've shot any skyline. Plus it was the full moon yesterday and today. After a bit of research I figured Tom Campbell hill would allow some good sunset and skyline shots, maybe some cityscape shots, and as a bonus, the full moon. I was hoping to get it posed on top of the old Firestone tower near Deerfoot and Memorial.

Shooting into the sun is always a bit tricky. The first thing I discovered is that the lens I was using most was filthy. Second was the viewfinder was filthy, but at least the light that gets onto the sensor doesn't go through the viewfinder. Things were better once I'd cleaned the first.

 Repsol Sports Centre, (Talisman, and before that Lindsay Park, which is what I still call it) under a nice sunset. Getting the photo fingers warmed up.

Moonrise at last. There was a tiny bit of cloud between the building and the moon.

I came that close to getting the moon posed on top of the tower. I tried to get the moon on top of some of the various cell, radio, or power line towers, but that didn't work out.

Back to skyline. This one is similar to the last photo down below, see what you think. I loved the orange glow from sunset.

I can't decide which I like better, this one, or the earlier one, so you get both of them. Do you have a preference?

In between shots I tried experimenting with light trails from vehicles, but that didn't work out so well.    The sky was so clear I even shot up, capturing some airplanes, but there was still too much light (duh!) to capture any stars, even though I could see them.

It was an enjoyable evening out. A few buddies were out in other places, but dog walkers were my only company. Tonight will be different. Neil Z has a photowalk happening, and those are always lots of fun. I should know a bunch of people there. I'm trying to decide if I want to take all the gear in the pack, or stick to one lens, the tripod, and some chips and batteries in my pocket. I know what I'll see, I just have to decide what I want to photograph. Maybe I'll see you!

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